The Domaine

At the confluence of three terroirs, and three histories, the Dabadie family has cultivated the Domaine Laougué estate for several generations.

From yesterday…

When he took over from his father in the 80’s, Pierre Dabadie expanded the domain and built new cellars. He never stopped modernizing his appellation,  rejuvenating the methods of cultivation, and especially the vinification in order to ennoble the wines of Madiran.

To today…

It’s now up to Sylvain to leave his mark and innovate in his turn. He offers modern wines, stylized and gourmet, regularly mentioned by wine journalists, and winning competitions. Sylvain’s priority today is the preservation of biodiversity and respect for the environment.

RegionPyrenean Piedmont

Between Gers, Hautes-Pyrénées and Pyrénées Atlantiques, we harvest with family our vinyards and create wines under Madiran and Pacherenc du Vic-Bilh appellations.



In few words


25 hectares


Viella, in the Pyrenean Piedmont


Cabernet Franc, Gros Manseng, Petit Manseng & Tannat


19.10, Camy, Marty, 19.91, L’Orée, 19.58, Les Péricles, Ta’nats, Arbison & Talion


Manual and machine harvesting  from October to mid-December

Our terroir


The vineyards are planted on hillsides facing south towards the Pyrenean mountains. There are different soil types which bring out different aromatics and flavour qualities in the grapes. Firstly, on the middle and lower slopes there is clay-loam with “gravettes” (small pebbles). Elsewhere, around the winery, there is a parcel of clay-loam soils facing south-east, producing lighter wines. The higher south-facing slopes are of clay-limestone with large stone pebbles and produce more structured wines.



The region is under the influence of the Ocean with warm winters and hot summers. Rainfall, important for the vineyard, is well spread, in spring and autumn. The significant sunlight and the moderate rainfall in summer are key elements for grape maturity.